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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hidden Plainfield: November 7 home ID

The house location is outlined and the City Line is in red.

The clue to yesterday's hidden Plainfield location was, of course, 'almost off the map'.

The home is on Lewis Avenue, one of two streets that fork off Maltby Avenue before it plunges into South Plainfield.

Though it is only a block away from
an east-west road (Sherman Avenue), and a bit further from busy north-south route (Grant Avenue), it is very quiet and peaceful.

A neighborhood wedged against a neighboring town, almost off the map.
Several houses at the end of the street are in South Plainfield and the homeowners must traverse Plainfield any time they want to go someplace.

What I do not know is whether there is some sort of deal as to which town plows the street and collects the leaves for the few houses that are in the other community.

NOTE: Chip Lou Lane was a good guess by two readers, but there the street is entirely in Scotch Plains, and the rear corner of only one property is in Plainfield; as for Blue Ridge Circle, the Hovnanian development, there are no ranches, only contemporaries there.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan, the issue of plowing, leafs, use of parks, etc., may make good debate, but you MUST include ambulance calls, sewer stoppages etc to the local town mixes. People can not hang out the DPW director for picking up a few leaves so they do not blow back in your town, then plead for First Aid assistance at 2 AM.