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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plainfield makes NYTimes real estate news. Market picking up?

Plainfield property listed in Sunday's NY Times regional real estate sales.

Complete New Jersey sales from Sunday's NY Times (click to enlarge).

A Plainfield Today reader commented on Sunday's 'Hidden Plainfield' post (see here) as follows --

Did you see the NY Times Sunday real estate section. There was a house from Plainfield featured on the "sold" page. It is at 711 Woodland Ave and sold for MORE than it's list price. Think that is a good sign for town.
Sure enough, in the New Jersey sales listings, (see here, click on 'Residential sales around the region'), a Woodland Avenue property is given.

The Woodland Avenue home listed in the NY Times.

It's a fine looking specimen, well-maintained, and with multiple bids obviously priced to sell.

Does that mean the market is picking up?

We can only hope.

Maybe there is further hope in the report of a $900,000 sale in Dunellen.

Yes, Dunellen.

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Simone Says said...

I believe this is what we need-more people BUYING homes/property in Plainfield b/c this will help turn things around. People who INVEST in Plainfield are more apt to not allow the b.s. to go on here.

Anonymous said...

Dan, the Dunellen listing is actually on the mountain in Green Brook.

The market is far from recovered. The big blue house around the corner from you on Plainfield Ave just sold for $135K for a 5 bed 3.5 bath home. That is helping to kill the local markets prices.

Anonymous said...

To Dan and All readers