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Friday, November 12, 2010

Have New Dems put out a 'hit' on Jerry Green?

Susan Douglas as Kathy Roberts in the long-running soap opera 'The Guiding Light'.
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Plainfielders often find that dealing with Assemblyman Jerry Green is like being in a soap opera -- say 'Misguiding Light' or 'As the Cuckoo Turns'.

It's even more so if you're a New Democrat.

The latest buzz is that Jerry is telling folks the New Dems have put out a 'hit' on him.

You know, as in a rubout. Going to sleep with the fishes. Concrete overshoes. A 'Jimmy Hoffa'. You know.

This is an odd turn of events, coming as it does just days after the general election in which the New Dems moved mountains to get an outstanding turnout in Wards 2 and 3 for 6th Congressional District Congressman Frank Pallone, who won over Tea Party favorite Anna Little by a margin of 15,000 votes -- over 8,000 of which came from Plainfield. And for which Jerry said he was pleased. (But that was last week, this is this week.)

The current accusation puts me in mind of the flap over the DEATH THREATS 
(non-existent, as Director Hellwig ultimately confirmed) against Mayor Robinson-Briggs.

She got bodyguards, I got a friendly visit from someone in the Prosecutor's office. It all went nowhere when I told the Prosecutor's folks my source for the 'death threats' was none other than (drum roll) -- Assemblyman Jerry Green.

So, what are we to make of this current rumor?

Is it a story of 'no good deed (getting Pallone re-elected) goes unpunished'?

Or a case of early onset dementia?

Demented? Jerry? Surely, you're kidding.

But it IS like a soap opera.

So, be sure and tune in tomorrow afternoon, same time, same station, same wackiness, same pay-to-play sponsors, for the next installment in the long-running Plainfield soap opera.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

First, how can the "New Dems" be taken seriously when New Dem Mapp encouraged everyone to vote for Machine Dems?

Second, this is a shame considering that it appears the only "hits" being made are gang-related and many times is black on black violence. Guess Al "race baiter" Sharpton had no influence whatsoever. $20,000 down the rat's hole.

Kieran said...

Absolutely Unbelievable! I think it may very well be dementia setting in.

He should be thanking the New Dems for their relentless support of Pallone, at time when he (more than ever) needs to show the powers that be in Trenton that he still has the "right stuff".

Poor Jerry!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, you are deliberately "misunderstanding" what Mr. Green apparently said. There's a difference, and you know it, between the kind of concrete shoes you're talking about and the political hit the "New Dems" (including you) put out on the Assemblyman a number of years ago. You and they (probably inseparable) have been continuing to swat and smear him at every opportunity, even when you have to make things up. Which you do.

Prof. Williams said...


All I can say, to use the texting vernacular of Shakespeare, is...omg.


Bob said...

I don't think the new Dems have put Jerry on a hit list, but many of us voters have. We're tired of him doing little for Plainfield and interfering with our internal affairs and misguiding our already misguided mayor. We need to vote this man out. Most of what he's done has been to benefit his family and friends. Most of them work for the city or for the county. I'd rather vote Republican than vote for Jerry. He's a poster boy for corruption and inaction in Trenton.

Anonymous said...

Dan I understand you are passionate about Plainfield politics but this post lacks any real substance and is designed to be inflammatory. Now I don't know what Jerry Green said about any hit but your post claiming the "latest buzz" sounds like more like a National Enquire claim to me.

Nobody denies that the New Dems did a good job getting out the vote. During the general there's only one Democratic team. But to talk about a 15,000 vote margin for Pallone without recognizing the efforts of the Regular Dems is absurd and misleading.
We have serious issues in Plainfield like violence. Instead of trying to provoke a response from Jerry Green do a story on the student that is now dead and what we can do to keep this from becoming the norm. Better yet interiew Green and ask him directly about the vast array of issues concerning Plainfield. That would be worthy of reading,your latest post makes YOU look like the "hitman."

Rob said...

you mentioned Jerry right ? Then too much has already been said..

Anonymous said...

Dan your stories and determination to demonize Assemblyman Green are really becoming sad. You actually wrote articles of substance some time ago. Get over your New Dem bias and try to help our community instead of tearing it down at every opportunity.