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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hidden Plainfield: Charles Addams would love it

Cartoonist Charles Addams would have loved today's Plainfield home.

Not all of Plainfield's fine Victorians are in the Queen City's multitude of historic districts, including this fine example in another quiet Plainfield neighborhood.

In one of Addam's most famous cartoons, the Addams family
prepares to greet some Christmas carolers.

Cast of the wildly popular 1960s sitcom inspired by Addams' cartoon family.
Legendary New Yorker cartoonist (and Westfield resident) Charles Addams would have loved it, and could have used the house as an inspiration for some of his famous cartoons, not to mention the family whose carryings-on entertained American TV watchers in the mid-1960s (and ever since).

Can you place it?

Answer tomorrow.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Dan, do you get permission before posting pictures of peoples homes? It seems invasive and presumptuous if not.

Michael Townley said...

Judging by the house number, I'd say Myrtle Avenue.

Rob said...

for a true Addam's Family house..Central Ave across from The of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the NY Times Sunday real estate section. There was a house from Plainfield featured on the "sold" page. It is at 711 Woodland Ave and sold for MORE than it's list price. Think that is a good sign for town.

Anonymous said...

You don't need permission to take photos of the exteriors of homes. It is not invasive at all--the photos are tasteful. Stop trying to start something.