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Monday, November 29, 2010

Tonight's Council deals with DCA double-cross

Is working with Christie's DCA becoming a matter of climbing staircases to nowhere?

Has the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) double-crossed Plainfield over the city's proposal for the FY2011 budget that puts forward furloughs and reductions of full-time staff positions to half-time?

Whether it is truly a double-cross or just Christie-era bureaucratic hardball, City Council is faced tonight with having no option but to approve a new layoff plan, one without furloughs and cuts in hours, one with only layoffs.

So, the state is encroaching on the ability of municipalities to govern themselves?

This will not make anyone happy -- unions, Council or administration.

As Calendar Year towns struggled earlier this year to get their budgets adopted, the press was filled with stories of town after town getting concessions from its employees in the form of salary freezes, furlough plans and givebacks on contract items.

Does the new stance mean that Christie's DCA is going roll back all these already-worked-out agreements?

Might it be time for Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs to align Plainfield with other towns in the same situation and fight back?

Special City Council Business Meeting

Tonight | 8 PM

City Council Chambers / Courthouse
Watchung Avenue at East 4th Street

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Yes we should fight against Christie Fight Fight Fight he is only for Republicans and Rich people

Anonymous said...

Christie is trying to reduce property taxes so that we can afford to live in the state.

I am not sure why there is such loyalty to the Democrats who have raised taxes, encouraged pillaging the taxpayers and ruined the New Jersey Business economy.

Christie sounds OK to me.

Blackdog said...

9:46, I take it that you are an educator!
I knew right away that Christie was only for Republicans and the rich the minute he appointed his AG!
I would be willing to place a bet, that in a public debate, you would be the one to raise your voice and try to talk over your opponent!

Anonymous said...

People just don't seem to see beyond their own partisanship. Obviously, you just don't get it. We've gotten into this mess due to feckless governors and legislators that refuse to do the right thing. Forget the party....they've all been ineffective.

Anonymous said...

@9:46, great educational post there... and what does Democrats stand for? tax, tax and tax me more to make your pockets deeper... yeah, I can play this game too... this is fun...

Rob said...

I have an idea...
Let's have the state continue to send massive amounts of "aid" to the cities of NJ ( because that money comes straight out of thin air doesn't it ??? I mean..they go to the magic money well in Trenton and it simply doesn't come from taxpayers ) keep the excessive bloated style of local, county and state government and everything will be good again. I mean...just look at Camden, Newark, Plainfield, Patterson for a few perfect examples of what FREE state money does for you.
Doesn't the rest of NJ want to have their cities and towns as nice as all of us?? Would someone please take us back to the way it was!!! I mean come on...raise tolls, raise the gas tax, raise the personal income taxes, raise the business taxes and raise the property taxes by 10% a year and we will be fine again. Why doesn't anyone in NJ government get how easy this would be to solve this crisis.