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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter Coat donations urgently needed by St. Mary's

Volunteers Sheila O'Malley and Pat Kelleher ready coats for Sunday.

Plainfield winters are hard on the people who turn to St. Mary's Church for help when down on their luck. This year they are especially in need of any good winter coats you can donate.

The historic church at West 6th and Liberty Streets has for years hosted a weekly Sunday feeding program that has served more than 50,000 meals at last count.

Each year, St. Mary's parishioners distribute donated winter coats to soup kitchen attendees, and this year's demand is expected to be heavy, just as the supply of coats is lower than in previous years.

"I think some people are looking at the hard time we are all facing and deciding to hold off buying a new coat this year," said volunteer Pat Kelleher, "but we are hopeful they will look through their closets carefully to see if there is some warm outerwear that can be passed along for those in need."

The coats will be distributed during the feeding program this Sunday, November 16. Donations may be made up to Saturday.

Coats (men's are needed the most) must be CLEAN, with WORKING ZIPPERS and NO RIPS OR TEARS.

Donations of caps, gloves and scarves are also welcome.

Call the volunteers listed below to make arrangements.


To make arrangements to donate your warm winter coats, call

Pat Kelleher - (908) 755-5976
Sheila O'Malley - (908) 755-0417

Noreen Sitar (908) 757-7230
-- Dan Damon

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