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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bierstadt on sale -- cheap!

Bierstadt's 1864 'Valley of the Yosemite'.

The most valuable pieces in Plainfield's art collection are the two Bierstadt paintings hanging in the Courthouse/Council Chambers.

While they are mostly taken for granted by Plainfielders except when attention is called to them -- as when they were lent to the Montclair Art Museum for an exhibition a few years ago -- they are important parts of American art history.

And you can have your very own Bierstadts, at a very reasonable price.

42¢ per.

The postal service issued a commemorative of Bierstadt's 'Valley of the Yosemite' this past August, with no fanfare (see more here). By the time it was realized by locals, the commemorative stamps were mostly gone.

But, thanks to Nancy Piwowar and Plainfield's postmaster, a limited number of the stamps is available at the main Post Office on Watchung Avenue, while supplies last.

Very distinctive on all your correspondence.

Plainfield's Bierstadts were loaned for an exhibit in 2002.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to remind you that Plainfield Library has a most cherished and valuable Winslow Homer; "Women Looking Over A Cliff"