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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The PMUA: A communications model for Plainfield to copy

The PMUA's new website has bright, inviting graphics.

The Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority's newsletter arrived in Saturday's mail. Once again I was struck at what a good model it provides of a print communications strategy for the city.

And once again, I was struck by the Robinson-Briggs' administration's failure to pick up on it -- despite inking an interlocal services agreement that should enable it.

A round-up of what you'll find --
  • A front-page story on how rising costs can impact PMUA rates.
  • Profiles of Shiloh Baptist Church's pastor, Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas, and League of Women Voters president Herb Green.
  • A profile of the newest PMUA commissioner, Rev. Tracey Brown, who takes Councilor Reid's seat.
  • Two-page color spread of the 2008 Environmental Fair and Contest winners.
  • Recycling facts for single- and multi-family properties.
  • Spotlight on problems caused by grease poured down sinks.
  • And a profile of employee Judy Ramos, the agency's communications manager.
I have always wondered why the PMUA never got around to having a website after all these years.

Lo and behold, the newsletter says they have a new website up --

It's sensibly organized, and though clearly in process of being built out, it already beats the botched City website (

Check it out.

And if you didn't get your newsletter, give the PMUA a call at (908) 226-2518, or stop by the agency headquarters at East Second Street and Roosevelt Avenue.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

You mean the same PMUA that didn't release their 2008 recycling schedule until January 2008... and simultaneously switched the schedule so everyone put out the wrong items for collection the first week? Unless they have changed a lot, one newsletter doesn't make them a "communications model" for anyone to copy (although the city does set the bar pretty low!).

Anonymous said...

Actually, the PMUA mailers drive me crazy (which I admit is a short trip). They provide very little, if any, useful information and with its color glossy photos are very expensive to produce. As rates continue to rise, this is one of the last things I want to pay for! I am glad, however, that they are finally on line. That was long over due.

Thanks for keeping us all informed!