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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

City vehicle used without authorization now missing?

The vehicle said to be used by a high-ranking Plainfield official without a liability-covering resolution by the City Council now appears to be missing. (See previous Plainfield Today coverage here.)

Word in the street is that the vehicle was taken from the City vehicle lot on Monday or Tuesday of last week, supposedly for attendance at the League of Municipalities convention in Atlantic City.

That convention began on Tuesday and finished with some Friday morning meetings of officials.

The vehicle has yet to be returned to the City lot as of November 26 (more than a week) and no one knows of its whereabouts -- or of the official who supposedly took it.

Use of the vehicle without proper authorization exposes you, the taxpayer, to troubling liability issues.

Shouldn't the Council be investigating these persistent rumors and settling this matter?

-- Dan Damon

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