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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Links to Primary runup stories: A referendum on Jerry Green

For those who simply cannot get enough of Plainfield political hurly-burly, here are the links to my posts leading up to Tuesday's stunning defeat of Assemblyman Jerry Green's handpicked City Council candidates.

Was I wrong to cast the entire election as a referendum on Green's political leadership? 62% of voters seem to think not.

Read on --
Primary Day: "Tuesday To-Do's: Vote, Party"
Monday: "The Assemblyman's panic attack"
Sunday: "The problem with Don Davis"
Saturday: "Slimemeister Green avoids Gibson's true cost to taxpayers"
"Plainfield's 'Corruption Tax', the Platters and You"
Thursday: "Gibson and Muhlenberg: Sleeping through the crisis"
Wednesday: "The Buying and Selling (out) of Plainfield"
Tuesday: "Primary A Referendum on Assemblyman Jerry Green"


Anonymous said...


This was absolutely a referendum on Jerry Green's failed leadership. In addition to failed leadership, though, it is also a telling result of Plainfield residents who are sick of negative campaigning. To put flyers denouncing Annie McWilliams on the cars in the parking lot of her own church is worse than nasty, it's STUPID! Those voters who may have been on the fence or wavering realize now that to be on the "Jerry Green team" is to be in favor of this style of campaigning. It is not enough to say "I didn't know they were doing this" as doubtless some of the scaredy-cat council members will now say as they stutter out fake congratulations to Annie. They know Jerry Green and they know that he endorses such tactics. Today we the residents say no to this. I saw the mayor mugging and joking out in front of the high school, she has no sense of decorum and disrespects the office of mayor by her presence. Her private unmarked police car was also out in front while she handed out campaign material. Our tax dollars at work folks! She is the worst example and she will sink like Green if the voters have a say.Dan I saw you at the celebration and didn't have a chance to congratulate you. Congratulations to you and the rest of the people who made this happen. How can I help in the future?