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Friday, June 20, 2008

List of area's gouging gas stations

With gas prices expected to reach $4.00/gallon soon, you may be interested in knowing about local stations that have been cited for ripping off consumers.

While I try always to buy gas from a Plainfield station (none are on the list!), it sometimes happens that I must tank up at some other station in the area.

Weights and Measures inspectors have been out on a crash inspection, citing station owners for such issues as inaccurate octane ratings, changing prices more than once in 24 hours, and improperly calibrated equipment. All of these cost you directly in the pocketbook.

Here is a list of offenders in the local area.
North Plainfield
  • Rt 22: Raceway - 643 Rt 22
  • Rt 22: MK Gas - 925 Rt 22
  • Somerset St: Global - 421-31 Somerset St
  • Rt 22: Lukoil - 1555 Rt 22
Green Brook
  • Rt 22: Getty - 345 Rt 22
  • Rt 22: Exxon - 289 Rt 22
Scotch Plains
  • South Ave: Exxon - 2360 South Ave
  • South Ave W: BP - 416 South Ave West
South Plainfield
  • Durham Ave: Enrite - 157 Durham Ave
Do yourself a favor and shop wisely!

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