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Monday, June 30, 2008

Chris Christie wants to hear from you, Plainfielders

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie wants to hear from you.

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie wants to hear from you, Plainfielders, if you have a complaint about suspected wrongdoing involving government players.

Thanks to The Countywatchers' Tina Renna for posting links to last week's Westfield Leader, where an interview of Christie by publisher Horace Corbin was posted, along with a video of the actual interview (see links at end of story).

Said Christie --
“Anyone who’s breaking the law in Union County has to be nervous – and beyond that, I will not be making any comment about any particular individuals...”
Renna suggests that last Thursday's freeholder meeting showed the Union County Manager, George Devanney, the freeholders and even county employees as plenty nervous.

Now for Plainfield.

Chris Christie is asking anyone with a complaint about suspecting wrongdoing by government actors (elected and appointed officials, holders of contracts, etc.) to call him directly or, if they prefer, the FBI. Christie says in the interview he likes to talk with people directly and does not record his phone calls, so people need not be concerned on that score.
Contact numbers:
U.S. Attorney Chris Christie - (973)645-2700
FBI's Newark office - (973) 792-3000
There are plenty of questionable things that have gone on in Plainfield in recent years, so feel free to pick up the phone and chime in.

-- Dan Damon

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Well it's about time. Let the house cleaning begin