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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Curious Case of 'Kathleen Lewis'


'Kathleen Lewis', that's who.

A curious letter appeared in Friday's Courier (see here), in which the writer -- 'Kathleen Lewis', supposedly -- wrote an impassioned attack on Plainfield's 'New Dems' and an equally impassioned defense of Muhlenberg and efforts to keep the hospital open.

The headline -- for which the letter writer is NEVER responsible -- did nothing to clue the reader in to the real argument 'Lewis' put forward.

Well-constructed, in fact one might say PROFESSIONALLY CONSTRUCTED, the letter reels the reader in through a powerful appeal to one's sympathies for saving Muhlenberg.

The writer then segued to the 'New Dems' by alleging that a charge that "Assemblyman Green got '50 thousand in his pocket'" was made by 'them' and that they have 'worked with Solaris to close Muhlenberg.'

Further, the writer drags up the red herring that 'New Dems' are 'actually Republicans' -- a charge that is supposed to be political poison to Plainfielders -- and citing me by name as 'calling' for Republicans to switch party affiliation to help defeat the 'actual' Democrats.

Funny how a word can color a perception. I don't remember 'calling' for switching, but I do remember 'reminding' those who might be thinking of it that there was a definite deadline.

The whole letter is then neatly tied up with a bow by asserting that the unnamed candidates running under a banner of 'change' really represent a 'return to previous practices' and are just as bad as Solaris.

Take that!

I thought that all the huffing and puffing meant that 'Kathleen' was a Democrat, not of the 'New Dem' school. So, I checked the database of those who have voted Democrat in primary elections from 2004 through 2008's presidential primary (kindly supplied by Union County), and -- SURPRISE! -- found no record of any 'Kathleen Lewis' having voted as a Democrat.

Is there a real 'Kathleen Lewis'?

Or is 'Kathleen' perhaps ... a (GASP!) Republican?

Kathleen, we hardly knew ye!

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Anonymous said...

Well Dan Kathleen's letter had a very courious ring to it. It reminded me of a flyer that was circulated at the women for progress forum at Washington school,later that evening outside Roselle's city council meeting which was attended by none other than Assemblyman Jerry Green. I think you have to look no further than that camp and you will find you fictional Kathleen Lewis.