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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dig, string and build we must

Water system being relined.

Giant spool of fiber optic cable for Verizon FIOS.

NJT is rebuilding overpasses.

Wherever you turn, major work by utilities and other public entities is going on, putting me in mind of the 'Dig We Must' signs that New Yorkers were accustomed to seeing in times past whenever ConEd would open a street.

In Plainfield, the water system is being relined, with passersby and cars getting spritzed from water spraying from the
occasional cracked yellow PVC pipe.

Verizon is finally stringing the fiber optic cable for its long-awaited FIOS service. Can we hope the announcement of service for Plainfield is not far off?

Meanwhile, NJT is reaching the far end of its multi-year project of rebuilding the overpasses at Madison and Central Avenues and Liberty and New Streets. If you were paying attention to the details in the story of the man struck by the Raritan Valley train the other day and knocked from the track to Central Avenue, you will have learned that the overpass is also being raised -- good for trucks!

One worry, though. Will all the opened streets be repaved with infrared technology, which makes for seamless patches and reduces the bumpety-bump ride? Or will we get treated to the rough ride you can experience along the 4th Street side of the Fire Division headquarters?

Makes a difference.

-- Dan Damon

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