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Monday, June 16, 2008

Gender confusion at City Hall?

Joe E. Brown and Jack Lemmon in 'Some Like It Hot'.
(Three readers pointed out it is NOT Bert Lahr as
originally captioned. Thanks to all the sharp eyes. -- Dan

Well, I got 86'ed** from the Clerk's office by Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs on Friday afternoon.

But that's the end, not the beginning, of this little Plainfield tale.

I had stopped by to ask a question of City Clerk Laddie Wyatt, which she was answering, when suddenly the Mayor appeared at my side. I mean SUDDENLY and LITERALLY AT, as in violating that personal space to which Americans are so accustomed.

Clutching a printout of that day's Plainfield Today (see here), the Mayor -- who has been heard to claim she 'does not read the blogs' -- indicated to me her EXTREME displeasure at the headline: "Mayor Robinson-Briggs, Connolly Properties, and money laundering". (Spoiler alert: I did NOT accuse her of money laundering.)

Startled, I blurted out ... "Why Mister Mayor..."

Now what was that about? Throwback to memories of working with Mayor McWilliams? Sexist pig relapse? Gender confusion?

The Mayor was NOT amused. "What's that?", she snapped. "Did you just call me 'mister'?"

"No, m'am," I fibbed.

"Well good, and you can just get on the other side of the counter, where taxpayers are supposed to be," she said.

Gentleman that I am, I meekly obeyed her command.

"I'll talk to you later," I said to Clerk Wyatt as I left.

I owe the Mayor an apology. I fibbed when I slipped and called her 'mister' and then denied it.

As anyone will tell you, the Mayor is NO gentleman.

**"To 86"
-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how "rude" the mayor was/is. This is not the first thing I have read in which the Mayor has made rude and disrespectful comments to a Plainfield resident (Maria had a run in with her as well). I thought our politicians were supposed to, at all times, set an example of utmost decorum and propriety. Obviously, the Mayor doesn't know this. I cannot wait for her to be out of office - she is a disgrace to public office.

Anonymous said...

I am sure it was rushed right over to her from her mentor, his local political consultant and her confidential aide.

We are all getting to see the true side to unity in the community.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dan,

That's Joe E. Brown with with Jack Lemmon--nobody's perfect!


Anonymous said...

And just where were the Mayor's bodyguards during this encounter? They must have not been there because if anyone is considered a threat to the Mayor, you would have to be at or near that top of her list. A true threat assessment would take into consideration any words that would be harmful to the Mayor, whether it be true or just an implication related to the Mayor or her office!

Anonymous said...

hey dan,
was that not joey brown? not bert lahr