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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yes, Plainfielders, Chris Christie does want to hear from you

Yes, Plainfielders, U.S. Attorney Chris Christie DOES want to hear from YOU.

And I think you can take him at his word that he will not tape your conversation.

I was unprepared for the number of city employees who pulled me aside on a visit to City Hall yesterday, saying they wanted to call the U.S. Attorney about all sorts of practices, but were worried that word might get out.

If there are messes to be cleaned up, as many of us believe, it will only happen when those with knowledge of them pass it along to someone who can do something about it.

Christie is already looking into the Union County scene, and you can bet those lumps in Plainfield's carpet are covering plenty of stuff shoved under.

U.S. Attorney Chris Christie is asking anyone with a complaint about suspecting wrongdoing by government actors (elected and appointed officials, holders of contracts, etc.) to call him directly or, if they prefer, the FBI. Christie says in the interview he likes to talk with people directly and does not record his phone calls, so people need not be concerned on that score.
Contact numbers:
U.S. Attorney Chris Christie - (973)645-2700
FBI's Newark office - (973) 792-3000
Go ahead, make the call.

-- Dan Damon

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