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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jena 6: Questions over funds

Sadly, the Chicago Tribune recently ran a story (see more here) of questions over the spending of funds raised on behalf of the Jena 6.

Part of the problem is that no one knows just how much has been raised and by whom, and how the monies have been spent.

The tremendous outpouring of interest and financial support for the defense of the six Jena youngsters was fueled by publicity generated on the Internet, after the mainstream media largely ignored the story.

This turns out to have been both the strength and the weakness of the situation.

While the Internet generated the huge turnout for the support rally and generated money for legal defense, the decentralized nature of that outpouring seems to have left the door open for some unscrupulous tricksters.

And it is that possibility that is now being seized on -- some out of genuine concern and some out of more dubious motives.

That is unfortunate as the cases are hardly over, and the six young people are going to need continued support from outside.

One agency that comes out with a spotless reputation -- Color of Change -- posted all its receipts and copies of cancelled checks to the defense attorneys on its website. That is the agency to which Plainfield Today directed your online contributions.

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