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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Help for turkeys


The cook or the bird? I'm not going there.

But here are some helpful links, just in case you don't have thirty people helping, advising and critiquing you today --

"Butterball® Help and Hotline"

"USDA 'Ask Karen' Page" and Hotline at 888-674-6854

If the help you need is managing guests and avoiding landmines, check out "Pass a Drumstick, and an Olive Branch".

Or maybe you're curious about that curious custom, the Presidential turkey pardon. If so, check out today's WashPost's
"Turkey Pardons, The Stuffing of Historic Legend".

And for your good humor dose, there's always Art Buchwald, "A Turkey With French Dressing".

Plastic turkeys, like the one President George W. Bush was pictured with while making a surprise visit to the troops in Baghdad on Thanksgiving Day, 2003, are not recommended.

With a little bit of help from your friends, you ought to be able to get from the top picture to this --

-- Dan Damon

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