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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Plainfield PBA Local #19 endorses Mayor Mapp for re-election

Funds for the memorial to fallen officers at Police
Headquarters were raised by members of PBA #19.

In a letter dated May 31, Plainfield PBA Local #19 endorsed Mayor Adrian O. Mapp for re-election.

The endorsement letter, signed by PBA president Carlos Gonzalez, pointed to promises made -- and kept -- by Mayor Mapp in his first term.

Chief among them was a focus on the Police Division and increasing public safety.

Gonzalez points out a 25% reduction in crime between the years of 2014 and 2016, "which we would like to see continue for another term." Gonzalez further notes Mayor Mapp is approachable, supportive of the Division and recognizing its hard work, and is always looking out for the interests of the citizens of Plainfield.

The Division has implemented division-wide community policing, officer training, improved technology, better hiring practices, and a clear vision of how to address issues that affect the community.

He also points out that last summer the City employed 180 young people and 20 adults in the Summer Youth Employment Program,in addition to enhanced recreational opportunities for youngsters and food assistance for families.

Those familiar with the Division will know how disastrously police morale suffered under the prior administration's abuse of hiring and promotion practices and allowing rampant abuses such as favoritism and overtime hanky-panky to undermine the Division.

But it is a new day under Mayor Mapp and Police Director Carl Riley, as Gonzalez says in closing --
"The structure and chain of command set forth has increased accountability for the entire Police Division, which is great news for this community."
Well said!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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