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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Council tables animal control services contract

Residents questioned the high euthanization rates by the City's
animal control services provider.

Plainfield's City Council certainly deserves an "A" for comportment at Monday evening's business meeting.

With only 10 non-consent items on the agenda, resolutions rolled along at a nice clip, which shows how well things can go when circumstances are right.

Members of the public raised several questions about the animal control services contract, which turned out to be one of only two surprises for the evening. Among their concerns were very high rates of euthanizing and failure to provide activity reports in a timely fashion to the City.

When time came to introduce the resolution to hire Associated Humane Societies for the animal control services, there was silence as no Councilor offered to move the resolution. After a moment's hesitation, and an inquiry to the Corporation Counsel whether a motion to table the resolution would be in order (it was so ruled), the resolution was quickly tabled on a unanimous voice vote until the July meeting.

The other surprise came in the voting on the first reading of the Muhlenberg Hospital Redevelopment Plan (MC 2017-17). Councilor Toliver voted 'no', stating that she was doing so because there had  been no consideration of using the site for a new municipal complex. The ordinance passed on first reading 5-1, with Toliver voting 'no'. (Councilor Rivers was not present at the meeting.)

In open comments, resident Tom Kaercher asked for an explanation as to why there was a resolution to commemorate "National Gun Violence Awareness Day" after it had passed.

Resident Tim Priano had several questions, including whether the Council could shorten the time political signs are left up after an election; issues with NJ Transit keeping its properties clean; and not having heard anything further about the Bierstadt paintings (I seem to recall Mayor Mapp asking his committee for a report "in six months", which would probably mean September or October).

Rresident Alan Goldstein spoke to several issues he considers outstanding concerning the PMUA's performance in re: the Interlocal Services Agreement between the city and the agency.

Council President noted that the meeting between the Council and the PMUA Commissioners has been rescheduled for July 10, and invited interested parties to email her questions and comments in advance of the meeting. She can be reached by email at

The next meeting of City Council is a combined agenda/business meeting on July 10 -- along the the joint meeting of the Council and PMUA commissioners, it looks to be a full evening.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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