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Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Dem Primary: Unofficial City Committee results, write-in votes online here

Write-ins from Ward 2, District 3. How's that again?

I am posting the unofficial totals for Plainfield Democatic City Committee online here.

Note that the winners are in GREEN type, the losers in BLACK, and tie votes are in RED. While 60 of the 68 seats are going to the Regular Democratic Organization (Mapp candidates), Tracey Brown and Bridget Rivers did take a few seats, and Bridget Rivers Ward 4 slot and Diane and Alex Toliver's Ward 1 committee seats fell to RDO challengers.

I am also posting the citywide write-in ballots (except for Peter Price,whose write-in is included in its Ward 2 - District 6 slot). See here for the write-ins. There are the usual jokesters (Minnie Mouse got one vote), but I was surprised at the number of write-in votes for people who were already on the printed ballot.

Some write-ins were for people who were on the ballot but the write-in voter indicated an office for which they candidate was NOT running.

Does this mean the ballot was confusing? Or that the voters were "misremembering"?

On to November!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]
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