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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Campbells back Tracey Brown, but pivot to school board elections

Mailer received Friday sets out likely Campbell school board
campaign issues.

One of the final shots fired in the 2017 Plainfield Dem Primary appears to be a pivot by the Campbell combine (Big John, Little John and Wilma) toward the November school board election.

Little John has been Tracey Brown's campaign manager. He has run for Plainfield office as a Republican (and lost) and as an 'independent' (lost again).The vibe, though, is definitely Republican.

John Campbell Jr. with his hero during a Christie campaign
stop in Plainfield.
Big John has not played a visible role in the 4-way Democratic Primary, but there is the 'dark money' yet to account for. Most likely suspects are Big John and Malcolm Dunn.

The red mailer that came in Friday's mail stood out from the others for the mayoral contest because the dominant color was red,  not blue.

The tag line reads "On Tuesday June 6th say YES to our children by saying NO to Adrian Mapp". It's a case of "anybody but candidate [fill in the blank].

The points of criticism are cribbed directly from a blog post of David Rutherford.

It may not mean much as far as Tuesday's election goes, but it's a warning shot about the school board elections that will also be on the November ballot.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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