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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Plainfield Democratic City Committee reorganizes

Mary Burgwinkle conducts the election of officers.
(l to r): Union County chair Jerry Green, Plainfield
chair Adrian O. Mapp, treasurer Burgwinkle, and
recording secretary Carmencita Pile.

Winners in the voting for Plainfield Democratic City Committee gathered at party headquarters Monday evening to reorganize for the next two year period.

After opening remarks by Chairman Adrian O. Mapp and Union County Dem Chairman Jerry Green, Mary Burgwinkle called the roll of those elected (including one tie vote).

The first item of business, according to state law, was to resolve the tie vote in Ward 1 - District 3. RDO candidate Christian Penaloza and Tracey Brown candidate John W. Smith each received 24 votes. Ms. Burgwinkle read the names of both candidates (only Penaloza was present), and called for a vote. Penaloza won with no opposition.

That being done, the floor was opened to nominations for chair. Adrian Mapp was nominated. There being no other nominations, the voting proceeded unanimously with raised hands and calls of "aye".

Amelia Mapp offers a slate of officers
for nomination.

The floor was then opened for slates of the remaining offices to be filled. Ms. Burgwinkle recognized Amelia Mapp, who entered the following slate into nomination --

1st Vice Chair Rebecca Williams
2nd Vice Chair John Stewart
3rd Vice Chair Jeanette Criscione
4th Vice Chair Sean McKenna
Recording Secretary Carmencita Pile
Corresponding Secretary Beverly Calland
Treasurer Mary Burgwinkle
Sergeant-at-arms Siddeeq El-Amin
Parliamentarian Joylette Mills-Ransome

There being no other slates offered, Ms. Burgwinkle conducted the vote, which was unanimous for the slate.

The remaining item of business was to elect ward captains, who together with the other officers, constitute the Executive Committee.

A portion of the attendees at the reorg meeting.

Attendees broke into four groups, one for each ward and caucused to select one person as Ward captain. The results were: Ward 1: Marleen Powell; Ward 2: Deborah Vietze: Ward 3, Charles McRae; and Ward 4: Elton Armady.

The Union County Democratic Committee meets for its reorganization Tuesday evening (June 13) at 7:00 PM at the Gran Centurions in Clark. City Committee members are also members of the Union County Committee. Chairman Jerry Green is expected to be re-elected.

The banquet hall is at 440 Madison Hill Road in Clark.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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