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Friday, June 2, 2017

(2017 Dem Primary) Tracey Brown: A smear is a smear is a smear, even if done by a preacher

Candidate Tracey Brown has transferred the smear on Mayor Mapp
from the anonymous flyer to her official campaign mailer.

Wednesday's LWV candidate forum shed additional light on the controversy over candidate Tracey Brown's slur on Mayor Mapp over events in Orange (which I wrote about in "Opponents make a 'Devil's bargain against Mayor Mapp" -- see here).

The subject of that post was an anonymous flyer being circulated by Tracey Brown's campaign workers implying that Mapp is caught up in an FBI investigation into shenanigans surrounding a $48K HUD grant that wound its way to the Orange Public Library.

Mapp is not a subject of investigation and his name has not been mentioned in any way in connection with the matter.

Nevertheless, Brown pushes -- and continues to push, unapologetically -- the slur.

Tracey Brown flatly denied at the LWV forum that her campaign workers distributed the anonymous flyer.

Between when I wrote the first post and the LWV forum last Wednesday, I actually met someone to whom Tracey's workers gave the malicious flyer, wrapped in some of her regular campaign materials. And this person is also a minister of the Gospel!

What's more, Tracey repeats the matter in a mailing which I received on May 25 (see image at top of story).

In truth, the last bullet point (about Orange) in the mailer is not a lie. It is a smear -- suggesting by implication that the FBI is probing Mapp.

The lie involved here was made by Tracey at the LWV forum, when she denied her campaign workers were distributing the flyer smear. (To the cheers of her supporters.)

A smear is a smear is a smear.

A lie is a lie is a lie -- no matter who says it.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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