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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

(2017 Dem Primary) Tracey Brown flunks first LWV forum question

At LWV Forum, candidate Tracey Brown flunked the first question.

Mayoral candidate Tracey Brown failed the opening question at Wednesday evening's League of Women Voters, and had to be called to order by the moderator.

The question?

"Name a project [you] have initiated that benefits the community."

Tracey started by stating that when she was on the Board of Ed, she helped deliver balanced budgets and had no major layoffs.

She was asked to address the question: What project have you initiated?

It was not a good start for her performance.

The truth of the matter is that she has no projects to her credit -- whether they benefited the community or not.

She cited the need for mixed use development that brings jobs to the city, singling out the $50M South Avenue project in particular for not having a retail component.

But Tracey herself has not brought a single developer to the table. She has not shown a single retail establishment or small manufacturing business the advantages of Plainfield.

It's a matter of deeds vs. words.

She knows the buzzwords, but where's the delivery we're all looking for?

Adrian Mapp is the only one who has taken the bull by the horns: Right off the bat, he hired an experienced professional in economic development. We now have upwards of 60 projects totaling $250 M in play and about $80 M under construction right now.

And Tracey's contribution by way of a project? Nada.

The Primary Election is next Tuesday, June 6. Vote the "A Team" all the way -- the team that delivers for Plainfield.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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