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Friday, January 30, 2015

PMUA service mystery

Does the PMUA need a new Magic 8 Ball?

A Plainfield Today reader notes two experiences with the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority (PMUA) this week.

Wednesday, the day after the non-storm, was supposed to be a recyclables pickup in this reader's neighborhood. They put out the recyclables but no PMUA truck came.

Here's how the reader tells it --
Wednesday was my pick up date for my recyclables. In the past the week of a snow storm, they picked up within 2 days. Since they did not pick up by today (Thursday), I called them and they said it will be picked up on the next cycle in 2 weeks. When I asked what am I supposed to do with my then overflowing recyclables they said to put them in a clear plastic bag and put them along side the blue can in two weeks. I told them I don’t own clear garbage bags and never saw them in the store, the lady instructed me to go to Walmart or Target to buy them. I still don’t understand why I have to wait 2 weeks when Wednesday was a nice day and the state and the city ‘was back in business’.
I don't understand either, since Wednesday was a beautiful day. Checking the website, I didn't see any notice of service difficulties, though there are plenty of alerts.

Further, the ratepayer is supposed to go out and buy clear plastic bags because the PMUA failed to perform a scheduled pickup?

Can anyone understand why ratepayers get frustrated?

This morning, the reader reports that despite snow last night, the PMUA made the regularly scheduled pickup of garbage this morning!

Go figure.

Meanwhile, you should check out the PMUA website (see here), where you can now register for ISAs (Important Service Announcement) and/or an e-newlsetter. These can be delivered to your email or cellphone. The PMUA follows correct opt-in procedures and you will have to supply an email and confirm your opting into the alerts by clicking on a link they sned your inbox. Try it and give them feedback.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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