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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Plainfield dis·ha·bille

City Hall Library at Thursday's Planning Board.
Plainfield's City Hall Library is a mess.

Above is a picture taken at Thursday evening's Planning Board meeting, showing drapery thrown over a chair and flags inappropriately displayed.

The French, as always, have a word for it -- dishabille -- noted in this post's title. Our English word disheveled is a rough equivalent. Or more casually, sloppy or messy.

City Hall Library is one of the most used rooms in the building. Not only do various boards and commissions use it for their meetings, it is used by city administrators and community organizations (like the Shut-in Council) for their meetings.

Many people feel free to adjust the drapes and blinds and move the furniture about as they see fit --often enough without putting the room back as they found it.

The flags seem to be quite another matter.

Flags properly displayed -- in the White House briefing room (top)
and behind Sen. Cory Booker (bottom).
If you look closely, you will see the red City of Plainfield flag directly behind Planning Board chairperson Ron Scott Bey and the U.S. flag to its left, behind board attorney Michele Donato.

The proper position for the flags when behind officers presiding at a meeting are: the U.S. flag should be behind the right shoulder of the presiding officer, and any other flag behind the presider's left shoulder.

Looking at the picture, it would appear the flags had been taken out of the room for some other purpose and then just plunked down when brought back. They aren't even centered on the presider's end of the table.

My mother used to say that when something is everyone's responsibility, no one takes care of it.

Point proven.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Michael Townley said...

Flag should always be positioned to its own right., whether on a stage, dais, at floor level - with or without a speaker.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan
The city can't afford a new flag they busy paying salaries of do nothing lieutenant's that the pd promoted just before Sharon and Marty split

Anonymous said...

Five of seven photos of the council still have the flag on their left side.