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Sunday, July 27, 2014

What happened in Plainfield in 1809?

Established in 1809?
What happened in Plainfield in 1809? My attention was caught by the decorative Plainfield seal used on the car magnets for officials riding in the July 4th Parade.

In the decorative scroll on which the seal was set were the words 'EST. 1809'.


I've heard a lot of dates concerning important mileposts in Plainfield's history, but I was stumped by this one. What happened in 1809?

At dinner with several Plainfield history-minded friends this past week I raised the question.

Folks were puzzled.

1869? Plainfield's charter of incorporation was adopted. 1684? The first European settlers took up residence in what is now Plainfield. 1847? Plainfield Township was created. 1809? Hmmmm.

I noted that in former years, the scrollwork always referenced the 1869 date, but during the administration of the previous mayor the 1809 mysteriously appeared.

Maybe it's just a typo that no one corrected, one of my dinner mates mused.


  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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