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Monday, July 21, 2014

Welcome to Plainfield Area Sports blog

Plainfield High's Cardinal is featured as the logo
of Neol Pyne's sports blog.

Plainfield's blogging scene has a new addition. Longtime Plainfield sports enthusiast and chronicler Noel Pyne sent word via Facebook of his latest effort -- the Plainfield Area Local Sports blog (see here).

The most recent post is a coup -- an interview with Plainfield High's new head football coach Jason Glezman.

Noel was one of the more prolific contributors to the former Plainfield Sports News blog begun by Augustine Dashiell. That blog, which covered Plainfield and New Jersey sports, has since been merged into another covering the greater New York area.

Pyne, a longtime resident and self-declared Plainfield sports fanatic since the mid-1970s also blogs about Cardinals football (see here) and basketball (see here).

As he says, 'I love getting the word out about the good news of Plainfield youth'. You can't beat that for boosting the community.

I'll be following the blog on CLIPS, where its handle will be 'PALS'.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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