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Sunday, July 13, 2014

BREAKING: HAP ordinance on Lot 9 withdrawn

The Housing Authority is asking the ordinance be withdrawn.

In a brief letter dated July 11, Plainfield
Housing Authority executive director Randy Wood asked the Council to drop consideration of the proposed ordinance transferring ownership of public parking Lot 9 to a consortium led by HAP that wants to build affordable housing on the site.

The letter is astounding in that Wood asserts he was asking for the Council's 'consideration, advice and consent'. To those present at last week's meeting, it seemed quite obvious that Mr. Wood was asking the Council to bring the ordinance forward.

Council President Bridget Rivers brooked no discussion and insisted that a vote be taken at once to put the ordinance forward for first reading at the July 14 meeting. A majority concurred and the proposed ordinance was included in tomorrow's agenda as MC-2014.

The letter suggests that there are a number of other issues involved with the proposal, which I am sure will be discussed as matters progress.

I have posted a copy of Mr. Woods' letter online and below.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

We do not need section 8 apartments downtown Plainfield. The HAP has failed to take care of Liberty Village and has not done a great job with the Senior building of front. The city has many empty houses and apartments we need to fill up what we have already built before we build any more new.

Anonymous said...

Plainfield does not need another apartment bldgs to turn to rundown and drug infested. We have enough rundown apts that could be remodel and made into low income. They should be able to park in the lots without being chg extra. Up and down West 7th cars are park street side due to charges to park in the lot. Not only it dangerous but it hard to see especially when you are coming out of your driveway. Accidents waiting to happen.