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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Signs of the times: Commercial Real Estate

Rival ERA Reed offers former C21 Campbell building for rent.

Paramount Properties is popping up everywhere,
as here at the corner of West Front Street and Clinton Avenue.

Change is popping up all over Plainfield, but some recent signs (literally) in the commercial real estate market have caught my eye.

I was startled on Monday to notice a 'For Rent' sign on Park Avenue across from the Plainfield High School auditorium entrance. Not the fact that office space is for rent but whose and by whom.

The sign is on the former offices of Century 21 John Campbell and is being offered for rent by ERA Reed Realty.

Those of us who were in the real estate business back in the days of the Plainfield Area Board of Realtors (are you reading this, Anne?) will recall the mostly friendly rivalry between the two brokers.

After Lydia Flagg moved her ERA Queen City to Scotch Plains and the Willard Agency and Centruy 21 J.J. Schwartz closed their doors, Reed and Campbell became the bedrock of the Plainfield real estate scene.

When John Campbell gave up the Century 21 franchise and bought the smaller brick building (once a doctor's office) further down Park Avenue, 967 sat empty, the Century 21 sign over the door gone. All that looks to change now.

The other startling sight is at the corner of West Front Street and Clinton Avenue. While checking out the progress of the new
7-Eleven Dunkin' Donuts being built there, I noticed a sign on the side of the corner building across from the Anchor Bar saying 'Crown Chicken Coming Soon'.

Turning the corner revealed that Crown will take the corner space, next to Mi Ranchito Viejo (one of three restaurants owned by my next door neighbor). And the vacant store on the other side displayed the now-ubiquitous red and white sign of Paramount Properties.

Paramount, which began a number of years ago, by acquiring the East Front Street retail and commercial properties of the Pittis Estate, has become absolutely dominant in Plainfield retail buildings.

They also are putting the finishing touches on the building next to the former King's Temple church on New Street.

The only place we haven't seen them active is in the East Second Street business district about which Councilor Reid has complained recently. Could it be next?

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Ron said...

Do you know what they're going to build on South Ave across from Netherwood train station?

Jeff said...

Hi Dan,
Unless I missed something, the 7-11 you mentioned is actually going to be a Dunkin Donuts. Hopefully it will help to clean up the neighborhood just a bit.

Anonymous said...

Great another Chicken Shack
Plainfield Dollar Stores and Chicken Shacks

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