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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shooting near Tower West?

UPDATE, 1:00 PM: As you can see from the comment by 'Investigator', it was a traffic accident in which a man was hit, and not a shooting after all.

When I left the house for the Plainfield City Council meeting last night, the police had 7th Street blocked off between Plainfield Avenue and Irving Place.

I am told they were investigating a shooting in the area, which is the location of Tower West, one of Plainfield's largest senior residences.

Will post more as details become available.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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investigator said...

Dan you need to know your information before you write it once agian you have posted missinformation there was not a shooting last on west seventh . What happened for your informaition is that a very good friend of mines uncle was hit by a car and the police were investigating the accident thats why the street was taped off so please get it right plainfield does need you to continue reporting bad press.

Dan said...

Investigator: That's what the question mark was for. Thanks for the info.