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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Give Dan your fashion advice

Is there a fashion swirl in Dan's future?
Now is the time for
Plainfield Today fashionistas to give Dan some advice!

Recent weeks have seen a pretty rapid progress toward being ready for my 'permanent' prosthesis.

Yesterday was a sort of 'Imelda' moment for me, as we tried on seven candidates for my permanent 'stump sock', made a choice and then a plaster cast to be used for fabricating the final device.

That's when we had the fashion dilemma. Chad, my prosthetist said we could look at options, one of which was a taupe colored fabric covering that made the prosthesis look like a mannequin.

After I told him I had no interest in looking like a 'department store dummy', he showed me the lamination possibilities from an outfit called Fred's Legs.

And that is where I can use your fashion advice. Check out the sample laminate finishes here and give me your thoughts.

Is there a Harley-style finish in my future?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

put tattoos on it

Rebecca Williams said...


I am partial to the "Paw Prints"--thinking of TJ! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan. Decisions, decisions!

The gentleman who makes my braces told me the story of a teenage client that had hot pink braces, crutches and wheelchair.

It sounded fun to me, but I opted for white braces -- although my cane is colorful.

I vote for the pink flamingos if you want to flaunt it.

Otherwise, I'd go with something boring, sedate and neutral.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan I think it's so nice of you to ask our opinion, as for me I liked Blaz and groovy.

Anonymous said...

Gerry Green would probably vote for the SNAKE skin.
The WOOD is a classic for peg legs.
The discontinued (but still available) RAIN is cool, but folks might think you are sweating.
The EYES would be good for your blogger identity.
But I'd go with the PINK FLAMINGOS!

Anonymous said...

my top 3

1. Paw prints
2. Pirate
3. Flamingos

Dan, you are so much fun. We love you!!