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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting rid of your storm debris

Get those fallen trees and branches cut up and moved to curbside!
Plainfielders have an unprecedented opportunity to have trees and other storm-related debris removed by city crews.

Plainfield Democratic City Committee chairperson Assemblyman Jerry Green reported to the committee last evening that a cooperative effort by the city's DPW crews and the PMUA to clean up and dispose of storm-related debris is giving residents an unprecedented opportunity to dispose of debris in a cost-saving way.

Ordinarily, DPW crews only remove fallen 'city' trees or their branches. Residents are responsible for trees anywhere else on their property; disposing of those trees, if fallen or damaged, can be very expensive, as many homeowners have learned to their chagrin.

Assemblyman Green said that the cleanup would continue on a no-questions-asked basis, meaning that if fallen trees and branches are properly cut up (3-foot lengths) and placed curbside they will be taken away as the city crews work their way through the city's neighborhoods.

City DPW officials said that even if crews had already picked up on your street, there will be another sweep once the city is completed on a zone-by-zone basis.

City crews will only tend to 'city' trees (those between the sidewalk and the street); they will not cut up fallen trees or branches on a resident's own property, but they will remove what is placed curbside.

Moral of the story?

If you have fallen trees or branches anywhere on your property, get them cut up and moved to the curbside as soon as possible and city crews will remove them as they work their way through the city.

Do not procrastinate.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Jerry Green better get a clue. Unprecendented opportunity????? We pay 100% more to PMUA service every year than surrounding towns. This should be part of our service all the time.

And, the shame of it is, there are people in this town who think they are doing us a favor.

Smarten up people of Plainfield. Jerry is doing you no favors, and you aren't doing yourselves any either by supporting him.

Anonymous said...

In every other town in New Jersey this type of announcement has been made by the mayor on a city's website, by a widely reported press release or on something like Nixle. But not here. Here the state assemblyman, who represents a dozen towns in addition to Plainfield, makes the announcement at a local Dem committee meeting, almost guaranteeing that at least some of those who would benefit will never hear about it. Way to go, Jerry and Sharon, again.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jerry Green stayed out of city affairs. Why would he be the one making the announcement. Oh I forgot, he is the man behind the curtain of the PMUA and the administration. PMUA will probably end up charging the city more for this "free" service. What a joke he is.

Anonymous said...

I think Assemblyman Green did a great thing by stepping in when the "mayor" did nothing--repeat, NOTHING!--about it. Thank you Assemblyman for doing this and thank you Dan for publicizing it. My street has now been cleared including backyard debris and there was a lot of it.