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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

News from the Plainfield Dem City Committee

News from Plainfield's Democratic City Committee (PDCC) meeting last night --

Joe Gutenkauf hospitalized

Dottie Gutenkauf reported that husband Joe is in JFK's critical care unit. Joe fell during Hurricane Sandy and suffered a broken pelvis. After being taken to Hartwyck-Oaktree for treatment and rehab, he had to be moved to JFK on account of respiratory problems. Dottie expressed thanks and appreciation for the Plainfield Rescue Squad's prompt assistance.

Expressions of support and encouragement can be sent to Dottie and Joe at
44 Randolph Road Note correction: 414 Randolph Road, Plainfield, NJ 07060 or by email to Dottie at
Committee vacancies filled

Two vacancies on the City Committee were filled. Assemblyman Green introduced Jamal Kelly, but I didn't hear the seat which he was filling mentioned by district. Chairman Green announced that since Councilor Rebecca Williams had moved from District 2-9, that seat was now empty. He nominated Mary Burgwinkle, who said she was happy to serve and was approved by acclamation.
Council vacancy filled

With the Council failing to pick one of the three candidates for Annie McWilliams' vacant at-large seat offered by the PDCC (that in itself will enter Plainfield's political lore), the Committee needed to address the situation by offering a single name.

Previously nominated candidates Dottie Gutenkauf and Hattie Williams both took the floor and asked that their names be removed from consideration (the Council actually had voted 4-2 in favor of Williams, but Councilor Bill Reid later changed his vote, throwing the selection process into disarray).

This left the path open for Chairman Green to put forward the name of Charles Eke, whose nomination was confirmed by a committee vote. Eke's name is to be delivered to the Municipal Clerk's office today and his swearing-in is expected immediately. He will serve for the balance of the month, being seated at next Monday's business meeting.

The minutes were also corrected to reflect the correct date of the most recent meeting (November, as opposed to October) and the spelling of Dottie Gutenkauf's last name, which still has no double T in it.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

New Dems and Green Dems, One big happy family singing kum-bye ya!!

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Right about the spelling, Dan, but you've got the wrong address.

BTW, the physical therapy at Hartwyck Oak Tree is top-notch!

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan: Hattie, Charles and I were the three nominees chosen by the Democratic Committee. All three of us were briefly interviewed by the Council. When the Council chose "none of the above" it meant that the Democratic Committee had to make the final choice--and they did.

Just want to make sure your readers understand (1) the process and (2) how it happened.

Thanks for letting people know about Joe--I've been getting lots of kind and thoughtful emails from a lot of good people.

Anonymous said...

and all it took was the City Council pretending to not be able to get along so that Jerry would be "forced" to put someone in that vacancy....
Now all the hapless victims of circumstance ( The City Council of Plainfield ) can point the finger at Jerry and cry woe is us...
The New Dem's do love the role of victim

jim spear said...

Since we are clarifying Dottie,

The Democratic Committee did not choose the original candidates - our Chairman did. Though this past Tuesday we were allowed to vote between the Chairman's choice and a "walk-on" candidate that didn't even receive a single vote.

jim spear

Anonymous said...

To echo Jim's comment, the DCC were PRESENTED with 3 candidates. The DCC was not allowed to choose.

And to 7:52am - it is not the New Dems who are the victims.


Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Jim, you're right that the chairman presented three candidates. Anyone else could have been nominated and voted on at that first meeting.