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Monday, December 3, 2012

Mapp revs mayoral campaign; Green ekes out Council appointment

Dems are kicking up their heels...again.
With the Plainfield City Council failing to fill the at-large seat left vacant by the resignation of Annie McWilliams, the decision now falls to the Democratic City Committee, which in effect means to its chairperson, Assemblyman Jerry Green.

The Committee is slated to meet Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM at the former Obama headquarters on Roosevelt Avenue. Guests are always welcome.

With this final effort, Green will eke out an appointment to the vacant Council seat which is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. Assuming Green will deliver the name -- in writing -- to the Municipal Clerk's office on Wednesday, the putative appointee (whose identity seems to be known by everyone) can then be sworn in and serve the balance of the vacant term: one meeting on December 10.

Meanwhile, Council President Adrian Mapp is revving up his mayoral campaign. Last Thursday, supporters of Mapp's run gathered at the Ryland Inn in a fundraising dinner event. The group filled a private dining room of the famed Whitehouse Station restaurant.

Mapp continues to mobilize his forces with a New Democrats breakfast meeting this coming Saturday. That meeting will be at the home of Bobby and Jennifer Gregory, 1010 Rahway Road. Among the items to be discussed will be the roadmap to a Mapp victory, a survey of contentious issues facing the Union County Democratic machine, and the Governor's race in 2013.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, who has said she is running for a third term reported less than $6,000 cash on hand as of her last report in August (see report online here). The buzz is that Robinson-Briggs is having trouble raising funds, and many vendors are anxious lest they bet on the wrong horse.

Green, like any astute politician, is declining to name anyone for the Democratic line at this point. While the gossip is that he is suggesting that Mapp and Robinson-Briggs duke it out in an open primary, concerns for unity in the County party may trump such a plan and lead to the line being given to the stronger and better-prepared candidate.

And you know who I think that is.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

What I hear from my constituents in Ward 2 and other wards is that SHARON MUST GO! I don't think there is much to duke out and I don't think Jerry Green will hitch his horse to a proven loser, Sharon. Don't count on the winner of this contest being on the party line. So much for politics in Plainfield. Never easy and often dirty.

Anonymous said...

Was the space at the Ryland Inn donated or paid for at the going rate? It is, after all, owned at least in part by Frank Cretella.

Anonymous said...

Green in not astute in my opinion. He is a coward. He has no love for Plainfield, nor cares about its future health. If he did, he would back Councilman Mapp who is obviously best prepared to lead this city.

Anonymous said...

At the Council meeting (after one nominee was voted on) the Council took the other two off the agenda. Adrian Mapp then stated that it was up to Jerry Green as party chair. City Clerk Jalloh corrected him, pointing out that it was the party committee that decided. There were originally three nominees. The committee will meet this evening and it will be interesting!