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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Little Sir Echo goes to Levittown

Little Sir Echo has a new home in Levittown, PA.
Dan's little Echo bade farewell to Plainfield on Friday, leaving for its new home in Levittown, PA.

Todd, a retired Air Force enlisted man, had been looking for an Echo in particular for about a month. With no luck at finding a decent one in his area, he tried a Google search including 'New Jersey' in the search terms and came up with the Plainfield Today blog post on my little Echo (see here).

After checking it out and taking it to his mechanic for a look-see, Todd was more than happy to offer my asking price and drive off into the sunset. I wish him well with the car and many years of driving pleasure.

During the course of the transaction, I learned that he is watching after his folks, who are in their late 80s, and were among the original homesteaders in Mr. Levitt's postwar model suburb (see more about the four Levittowns here).

Plainfield's Brisbane Estates neighborhood is our smaller scale local incarnation of the same postwar housing boom.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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