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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mapp declares candidacy at BBQ

Council President Mapp announced his candidacy at the BBQ.

The line of cars for those attending Plainfield Council President Adrian Mapp and his wife Amelia's annual community BBQ Saturday stretched from Central Avenue to Irving Place and down the side streets in between.

By all accounts this was the largest turnout ever and the Mapps back yard was crowded with folks having a good time eating and chatting, and kids running and playing.

Assemblyman Jerry Green updated the crowd on the Obama campaign efforts in Plainfield, including the opening of campaign headquarters on Roosevelt Avenue in the office to the rear of Pollo Campero, in what was formerly the Plainfield Senior Center.

Candidates for the charter study commission were present and said a few words about how important this citizen effort is. Those circulating petitions to be on the ballot are Rick Smiley, Jeanette Criscione, John Stewart, Mary Burgwinkle and Joyce Antila Phipps.

Lastly, Councilor Mapp announced his candidacy for the mayor's race in 2013, to great applause from the crowd.

The party and dancing continued into the evening, long after I pooped out. It was a great event and many thanks to Adrian and Amelia for hosting it each year!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Thank you, Dan. It was nice to see you there. It was also nice to see that Plainfield has a chance to end the fiscal abuse and neglect it has gotten over the past seven years. The speeches were short and the fun was long. Thanks to Adrian and Amelia again. We all had a great time.

Alan Goldstein said...

I see we're getting off fast on the good foot. Commission candidates, who are to appear on the ballot "without any designation or slogan", have begun the hard work ahead of them by appearing together at a partisan political event. There is nothing sacred in this town. With luck they will be more circumspect about their obligations in the future.

Dan said...

Alan -- Here's the deal: When I inquired of the Clerk's office how it was going with the petitions, I was told that not very many had been picked up.

I hope you are busy circulating your petition -- you would make a very good member -- but you missed the opportunity the others took to gather a large number of signatures conveniently at the community BBQ.

Too bad for you.

Anonymous said...

@Alan G -

I agree with Dan. However, I believe you can be an EXCELLENT candidate and eventually a member to the charter.

You've got my vote.

Alan Goldstein said...

Maybe I'll run for mayor instead.

Anonymous said...

Alan, relax. A few of us want to volunteer (no money attached) to help review the charter, and hopefully make this city better. We have no slogan, we have no designation because we are not making this a partisan issue, but it appears that you are. Everyone was invited to Adrian's regardless of affiliation. What is your concern? That you weren't there? That people you felt should be there weren't? What is your concern?

You are turning what is intended to be a group of people trying to help make Plainfield a better city into something it is not. Stop it. Jeanette

Anonymous said...

Things clearly suck in our town. We all know the drill. However, when some people try and make effort and you're not helping, try and be supportive or even get on the ballot yourself and do the work. If not, get out of the way. In fact, you only have a voice (a negative one at that) because of social networking vehicles such as blogs. Are you out there physically developing solutions? No you are not. You only troll the Internet with your negative comments. You are not relevant anymore.