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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mayor, Mapp hit different notes at Muhlenberg event

Supporter catches attention of passing motorists as
Mother Carolyn and Rabbi Samber chat in the background.

As about thirty Muhlenberg activists gathered across from the shuttered Plainfield hospital -- to the supportive honks of passing motorists -- Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs and Council President Adrian Mapp hit differing notes when addressing the crowd gathered for the fourth annual commemoration of the hospital's closure.

Assemblyman Jerry Green and Councilor Mapp arrived early and chatted with members of the crowd before the commemoration ceremony got under way with Mother Carolyn Eklund of Grace Episcopal Church as emcee.

Rabbi Moshe Samber, noting the huge turnouts when Muhlenberg was facing closure, described Sunday's group as a 'faithful remnant' whose witness is nevertheless powerful.

Assemblyman Jerry Green briefly noted legislation on which he is working that would directly address the plight of closed hospitals such as Muhlenberg.

Council President Adrian Mapp revved the crowd by reminding them he is opposed to JFK Healthcare's proposal to put hundreds of 'luxury' rentals in two mid-rise buildings on the hospital site and instead favors finding a healthcare-related solution for the continued used of the property.

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs arrived about ten minutes after Assemblyman Green had left the gathering and was welcomed by Mother Carolyn to address the crowd.

In her unscripted remarks, Mayor Robinson-Briggs seemed not to oppose JFK Healthcare's development proposal, saying instead that she would like to see JFK Healthcare 'tweak' the proposal. (One wag wondered if that meant turning it from 'luxury' apartments to Section 8 housing.)

The future of the Muhlenberg campus is sure to figure prominently in next year's mayoral race, in which both Robinson-Briggs and Mapp are expected to be contenders. 

Was this just a polite warm-up exercise?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Keeping It Real said...

Of course Robinson-Briggs would like to see Section 8 housing on the Muhlenberg campus, as it would please the majority of her constituents and her "associates" on the Council and in other city affiliated agencies; to them, the surrounding neighborhood is a reminder of an economically and class divided city they would love to see integrated, merging the haves and have-nots.

Meanwhile, those who preach (pun intended) for a more socialistic and, somewhat, communist approach to Plainfield living wouldn't think to drive anything more than the fancy cars they own and live only in the more desireable neighborhoods of the city -- that includes quite a few people of Robinson-Brigss' political posse.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

Dan, Councilman Mapp also stated his firm support of Assemblyman Green's proposed legislation--something which would help Plainfield and the surrounding area by making it possible for adequate health care to be provided at Muhlenberg. It would also help other communities--mostly in urban areas--where hospitals have either been closed or are in severe financial trouble. It's certainly worth our support.

As for the Mayor's statement that the JFK proposal needs "tweaking," I'm not sure what she meant either.