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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dan's 2001 Toyota Echo is for sale

'Little Sir Echo' is available for his next owner.

Any Plainfield
Today readers looking for a good used car -- a 'station' car, a car for a departing college student, or a first car for a young driver?

Now that Dan has his automatic transmission wheels organized, his trusty stick shift Toyota Echo is available for its next owner.

I love this car and expected to drive it to 350,000 or more miles -- Toyotas just keep going and going -- and am sad to be parting ways with it.

Here are some details --

  • 2001 Toyota Echo
  • 4-door Sedan
  • Champagne color
  • 5-speed manual shift
  • AM/FM/CD
  • New clutch; water pump, fuel pump and brakes replaced/done in last year
  • New hub caps
  • Usual tiny dings plus one on passenger door where someone slammed an SUV door
  • Apx 175,000 miles
I consider it to be in very good condition.

Toyota Echos are highly desirable, and the 4-cylinder engine is surprisingly peppy; Carfax suggests they should sell above the Blue Book prices.

Car is available immediately. Parked in my drive at 661 West 7th Street.

Call or text me if interested at 908.448.7688.

Carfax report available.

Asking $2,000.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Donate it

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a bargain even if some deferred maintenace needs to be done. Not just for you but for anyone who is looking to buy a car with high mileage, don't forget to ask when the timing belt was replaced. Unless the manufacturer says longer, you may be running on borrowed time at over 100,000 miles. Also, since they are connected, the water pump could be changed at the same time if it hasn't been already. Finally, don't forget the fuel filter. Of course, my advice is only worth what it costs.

Dan said...

To the person who called from the PMUA: I cannot return your call as the caller ID does not show an extension number, just the main number of 226-2518 and that only leads to the 'phone tree'.