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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Muhlenberg Hospital commemoration this afternoon

Supporters at PHS meeting prior to Muhlenberg closure.

Supporters of restoring full-service healthcare to Plainfield will rally this afternoon to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the closing of Muhlenberg Hospital.

JFK Healthcare is actively considering tearing down the former hospital and replacing it with a 600-unit 'luxury' rental development.

Meanwhile, Plainfield and the surrounding communities have suffered grossly inadequate healthcare services ever since the Muhlenberg closing.

The agreement with the state mandating the Satellite Emergency Department and free transportation from the Muhlenberg campus to JFK is also set to expire next August. There is plenty of need, and the commemoration helps keep the pressure on JFK Healthcare to do the right thing.

The commemoration is jointly sponsored by People's Organization for Progress and the Restore Muhlenberg Coalition. Supporters will gather at Park Avenue and Randolph Road at 3 PM today.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: good to see you today at the rally, although you were sans peg...who could imagine you are thin=skinned?...always glad to see citizen participation in go Mother Carolyn...Adrian Mapp made it clear he opposes 660 apartments on the site, the msyor asked JFK to "tweaK" the proposal..what's "tweak"? 650 asartments which will become Section 8?

Anonymous said...

JFK will be successful in its goal to replace the former hospital with 660 units using the fear that the ER will close as leverage. The option is to force the state to extend its mandate on JFK or someone else keeping the ER open FOREVER based on the need.
It’s not an either/ or situation.
The money JFK gets from its admitted heavy patient load at Muhlenberg, the rental of cell tower space and all of the foundation money and property that has disappeared somewhere. Let us not forget to mention the 5+ years of unpaid taxes, its lab services, dialysis rental and the income from the school of nursing should be enough to pay for keeping it open for a long time.

Good for the people still protesting its closure, but what’s the point? Would your time not be better spent protesting the changes coming? Celebrating its closure only serves to produce the fear JFK wants in order to force our city administrators into making a decision that will be profoundly devastating to a rare, intact neighborhood.

JFK will not attempt to sell to anyone who wants to create a hospital on that property – If you sold pig ca ca would you sell your property to a competing ca ca dealer? Or would you prevent competition?

Need health care? Try one of the many midi merges including the one a block up on park ave. If you need to be admitted somewhere you will be admitted. In addition, you can choose to go to another hospital that is not rated second to the bottom of all the hospitals in New Jersey for it’s current safety record according to Consumer Reports.

Sorry to rain on anyone’s parade but it’s time for the people of this city to wake up and smell the dead horse they keep on beating and join together to create something realistic at the site we can all live with.