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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mystery event: 49th Annual Art Festival

Plainfield artist Indira Bailey displays her work...

...and fun for kids of all ages.

Some Plainfield Today readers have asked if there will be an Art Festival this year.

With a little more than three weeks to the putative date, there is no publicity on the city's website, though you can check out ten headline stories on the site's home page (see here), including events that take place after the Art Festival.

Checking with several of the local vendors to see if they have been contacted, I learned that indeed they have and that Mayor Robinson-Briggs is hosting the event on Saturday, September 1.

Though one can hope for miracles, I have a feeling we will see it even more diminished over last year.

And if Her Honor doesn't get a move on, no one will even know it's happening.

Far cry from the old days when thousands of attendees and scores of artists and craftspersons from the tri-state area thronged to the show.

49th Annual Outdoor Festival of Art

10 AM - 4 PM

Library Park
West 8th Street and Arlington Avenue
(RAIN LOCATION: Washington Community School)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Indira Bailey said...

Hi Dan, I will not be displaying my artwork at the festival. You dug deep for that photo. (lol). But I am having an art show in Sept. I will give you detail later.
Thanks Indira

Bob said...

One of Plainfield's shining stars was always the Art Festival. I started attending back in the early 80s when I first moved to Plainfield. I loved it, bought home made jewelry for family members, helped my mother's cousin who had an exhibit at the show. Since the mayor took over, this show has become more of a bake sale with cheap junk being sold and little art. Perhaps the Art Festival is a relection of what we can expect of Sharon Robinson-Briggs, all show and little substance. This is a sad comment on our city and where our mayor has taken us. I hope the next mayor can bring some life back to this revered memory and I hope the recreation department doesn't try to embezzle funds by charging extra fees like they did at the July 4th event.

Anonymous said...

Who Cares!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You should care, that's why this City is in the shape it's in because of stupidity like yours. Never mind I have to remember that the embezzlers read and responds on these blogs as well as those that care. I wonder if you will care when they start taking out of your pocket instead of paying you off.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor should be the main attraction at the festival because she certainly is a piece of work

Keeping It Real said...

Always the optimistic, I was looking forward to attending the art festival when I first moved here.

I've attended this event and many others in the past couple of years, hoping it would be a worthwhile event; sadly, like most other events in Plainfield, its poorly presented and organized. There is no substance and there is no quality -- pathetic sums it up; similar to the Ray, Goodman and Brown concert in Plainwood Square last summer -- horrible sound system, poor choice for talent (I think Ray and Goodman are both dead, what's the point??) these guys were depressingly off-key and on and on.

Is there anyone in City Hall that has any influence over these bake sale-fish frying-hat show selling-self-interested-self-entitled people that can raise the bar for this City?