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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today is Election Day: No time to stay home


Plainfield voters go to the polls today for local, county and state offices, plus a public question on sports betting. All polling places are open until 8 PM.

Pundits are predicting a low turnout for New Jersey, but I know that Plainfield Today readers are among the most engaged -- civically, politically and socially -- residents in the City and hope everyone will execute their privilege and duty to cast a ballot.

Having watched this year the struggles of those involved in the 'Arab Spring' for basic rights of speech, assembly and remonstration, and the high costs ordinary people are paying to secure these rights, it would be shameful for Americans, whose democracy inspires so many around the world, to simply sit out an election.

Locally, voters are choosing Councilors in Ward 2 (Storch vs. Michelson) and Wards 1/4 (Greaves is unopposed).

In all four wards, there are races for all seats in the Legislature as well as three Freeholder seats and the public question.

I trust you will do your part.
Sometimes I am asked why I do not support candidates of other parties, since I have often taken -- as a New Democrat -- positions at odds with the local party leadership.

The answer is quite simple: I am a Democrat.

My differences at times with local leadership OVER LOCAL CANDIDATES AND ISSUES does not ever mean that I have abandoned my stand as one WITHIN the Democratic Party.

There are differences between the two major parties, and they are important. Gov. Christie is a bully, and has shown a willingness to attack the very foundations of a social contract that was hammered out over a long course of years, all in the name of 'reform'.

But his agenda is to UNDERMINE PUBLIC EDUCATION by siphoning off the best and brightest students to charter schools and to use false issues such as TENURE to attack the teaching profession. (Aside: Tenure was originally fought for by teachers as a way to defend themselves from abitrary and capricious firings -- for getting married, or pregnant. Without tenure, teachers would face arbitrary and capricious firings once again.)

With the PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS, he is intent on abrogating collective bargaining, a hard-won right that has enjoyed the support of public figures from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the Popes from Benedict XV onward.

Though his language has become softer in recent months -- especially after he was caught fibbing about Assembly Speaker Oliver -- there is no indication Christie has abandoned his long-held policy positions.

A Democratic-dominant Legislature is needed to counterbalance Christie's bullying and guarantee that 'reforms' will be a matter of considered debate and compromise.
I will be voting Column A Democratic all the way and urge you to consider doing the same.

In any event, do your duty.

It IS important.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

If you feel the waste and corruption that is the NJ Education system is important...than yes, the Governor is a Bully.
I can honestly say I've never been more disgusted with You, Adrian, Cory and the silence of the New Democrats.'ve supported Jerry..all of you. Keep your mouth's shut about him and his pet Mayor Sharon and their shills on the city council. I for one will enjoy Bernice's and Doc's more intelligent approach to voting. This truly is an enlightening day for some of us. Jerry Green should actually be proud...he sold you fools a bag of fear and you asked for second helpings. Jerry Green truly is smarter than the lot of you. Jerry's to are truly the master. Got to give you credit. Wow...impressive end game I must say. You do know how to play the fools.

Dwayne said...

Good for you Dan. I agree with your comments on being a Democrat. I believe in good business decisions that don't HURT the disenfranchised. As the gap between the haves and have nots get bigger, that will bring more issues to our communities.

That said, let's all work TOGETHER and try and get things done - there are democrats we like, and those we don't like, but the process we have in this country, though flawed, is better than most.

I'm headed out to vote today, and hopefully all of your readers, their families and friends, will get out to vote as well!!

Anonymous said...

Dan, some of what you say is true, but to make like the Democrats in this state are for the people is a bit of a stretch. Why do NJ citizens pay the highest property taxes in the nation? NJ Democratic legislature. Why is NJ the least desirable place in which to do business which will create jobs? NJ Democratic legislature who makes it difficult and frustrating to open a business here.

Can you honestly say that the teacher's union who takes in 100 million dollars a year really cares for the students? The head of the union makes $500K. Do you think the union could pick up the teacher's part in paying their health insurance? Easily but they don't.

While there are things that Republicans stand for that I do not support, to my mind, Christie is standing up to the bullies who have run this state to their own advantage, and to the detriment of NJ people.

There are two sides to this story, and the Democratic one is not perfect. People should research their issues and vote for the best person, not blindly for a party.

Anonymous said...

Christie is the bad guy, so using your warped logic, that means we keep other bad guys in office simply because they are democrats. Come on for crying out loud. That's some twisted logic, just like Mapp. The responsible thing to do would be for people to send a message to Union County dem. machine that we are FED up with their incompetence and reckless spending. By voting in the same hacks, you send a message that you support this.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rob. You should just shut up Dan. No more criticizing Green or Shady Sharon. You just sold yourself out and voted for the status quo. You rejected the poor kids and their their parents who want OUT of failing schools. Why do you think they shouldn't have a choice? It is really disgusting how you think.

Christie was not a bully. He told it like it IS. Did you vote for Corzine, the Wall Street thief? I bet you did.

No one is perfect, but to vote down party lines is reckless when you know how bad some of these people are.

You are just as reckless.

Anonymous said...

They say Republicans do not fall in love. They fall in line.

Same for the New Democrats.

Anonymous said...

i have to disagree. for the first time i voted republican all the way because I cannot stomach any more of Jerry Green's leadership [?] in Plainfield. Blindly voting Democrat is what got us into this mess...allowing Jerry Green and Sharon Robinson Briggs to mismanage Plainfield City affairs