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Monday, November 7, 2011

Crime(s) update

Criminals have been busy over the past week or so --


Shooting incident over the weekend on Columbia Avenue. Suspected revenge motive; may be connected to the home invasion/shooting in the 800-block of East Front Street on October 21 (see my previous post here).
Two incidents of ARMED ROBBERY in recent days: Daytime robbery last week of a postal worker on Leland Avenue by a man with a gun; and a Linden Yellow Cab driver was robbed by a man wielding a knife on November 5th at Grant Avenue and West 6th Street.
A watchful neighbor spotted a man in broad daylight on November 4 break into a house on Stelle Avenue; police responded quickly, catching him in the home, with tools for removing pipes and radiators.

A burglar in the 500-block of Stelle Avenue on November 5 was unlucky in a different regard when he was run off by the homeowner's dog as he tried to break into the garage; the homeowner got a good description as the perp sauntered through a neighbor's yard (after vaulting the fence to escape the dog) and police picked up the suspect walking on West 8th Street a few minutes later.

Unlocked cars present an opportunity to thieves looking for easy pickings as two recent incidents show: a car parked at Hillside and Martine Avenues was hit two nights in a row for change, sunglasses and other small items; a car in the 1300-block of Evergreen Avenue also was relieved of $30 in quarters and other small items. Police responding to both incidents advised residents to make sure their cars are locked and items put out of sight.

A resident of the 900-block of Hillside Avenue returned from a funeral out of state to find their home and a car had been broken into, with laptop computers being taken.

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