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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Robbery, attempted rape Monday

Modus operandi of suspect in North Plainfield muggings
is similar to robbery and attempted rape in Plainfield.
(Composite sketch, Somerset County Prosecutor's Office)
A woman walking in the 200-block of West 8th Street was robbed at gunpoint shortly after 8:00 PM Monday evening.

The assailant was a black male on a bicycle. After taking the victim's cellphone and her wedding ring, he attempted to sexually assault the victim near a tree but fled when spotted by a male passerby.

The modus operandi sounds like the recent series of bicycle-riding robberies in North Plainfield (see story here), though in those robberies two men worked as a team, one brandishing a gun and the other relieving the victims of their purses and other items.

Illustration above is a composite sketch released by the Somerset County Prosecutor's office in relation to the North Plainfield muggings.

Anyone with information should contact the Plainfield Police Division at (908) 753-3131.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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