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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A million words later, Plainfield Today is six today

Hmmm... Is that Dairy Queen's Donna A. decorating a birthday cake for PT?
More than a million words after its first sentence** Plainfield Today has reached its sixth birthday.

Actually, at an average of 400 words per post, my estimate is about 1,236,400 words. That's more than twice the length of Tolstoy's War and Peace (at 560,000 words in English translation -- see here -- and through which I was never able to slog completely).

And you, dear readers, probably never dreamed there could be so much said about our beloved Plainfield, its life, its characters and its goings-on. Or that it would be so digestable in little bite-size pieces.

Taking a page from fellow blogger Mark Hrywna at Rahway Rising (see here), a birthday is an opportunity to check out how things have been going.

The new tools Blogger has put in place make it easier than ever to find out some of the statistics about one's blog.

Here are a few for Plainfield Today --

Number of posts 3,091
Number of pageviews 671,174
Number of comments 9,024

Blogger also gives snapshots of what kinds of browsers readers use (my favorite Mozilla Firefox is number two), what kinds of operating systems they are on (more than 2/3 on Windows, with 415 readers on iPhone), and where a blog's readers come from.

Finding that there are readers of Plainfield Today in Russia (115), the Ukraine (20) and China (26) is a bit creepy.

What on earth can they find interesting about Plainfield ... or are they farflung PHS alums checking out this weekend's Homecoming events?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Thank you and congratulations, Dan.

Bob Bolmer

Cheri said...

* H A P P Y 6th B I R T H D A Y * I wish you many more good stories to come. Thank you for your time and dedication to keeping us up to date.

Lee said...

Congratulations, Dan! You've been a fantastic resource for those of us who live in Plainfield and you do a real service with both Plainfield Today and Clips. I know how tough it must be to post every day -- so my hats off to you. More towns must wish they had someone as dedicated and competent to keep them informed.


Joan Van Pelt said...

Congratulations on providing a much needed platform for the exchange of ideas and information about Plainfield.