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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Final meeting in Muhlenberg postal station closing is tomorrow

Once Muhlenberg Station is closed, customers will have to use Main P.O. or go elsewhere.
The meeting on the Muhlenberg Postal Station's closure is set for Monday, November 21 (tomorrow) at 5:30 PM at the Main Post Office on Watchung Avenue, according to the public notice posted in the lobby of the station in October.

The possibility of local closures was raised this past summer; you can read my earlier post on the matter here.

Here is a table outlining the schedule and process for hearings and public comment on the three Plainfield area closures --

Muhlenberg Mon 11/21
5:30 PM
Main Post Office 10/25 - 12/26
Netherwood Mon 12/05
5:30 PM
Main Post Office 10/25 - 12/26
North Plainfield Wed 09/21
7:00 PM
East End School 08/30 - 10/31

Address written comments to
Allen Tanko
494 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-9300
(973) 468-7209
North Plainfield residents got themselves organized in advance of their meeting with postal officials and submitted a petition as well as a letter of support from their Congressman, Leonard Lance.

I am not aware any such effort has been undertaken in Plainfield.

Though the Postal Service may hope this is a done deal, that may not be the case as residents have until the day after Christmas to file written comments.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing that business changes everyday but government stays the same. There is less mail due to email and paying and buying online but we cry if we lose a litter convenience.

Closing the offices will have no effect. Maybe the mail will be delivered to the right house and not all around the neighborhood. UPS seens to always get it to the right house.

Anonymous said...

Dan, there are forms available at the post office that residents can fill out about their use of the post office and how important the Muhlenberg Office is to them. I thought this was known to all. Save Muhlenberg Station Post Office!

Jack Angas said...

I think it is the time that government think how important is the post offices to the people. Then its time to imagine the world without mail and post offices.