The needler in the haystack.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Aaargh! Victorians and snow.

Dan's digs include digging out from the snow.

Plainfield's Victorian homes are wonders -- eye-catching curb appeal, high ceilings, wide frontages, long driveways.

Sometimes, though, you wonder why you live in one.

Especially after a snow storm.

I'll be shoveling this morning -- the long driveway and the wide frontage, and the long walk to the front steps.

But then, they are picturesque. Even in the snow.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Now a picture of you shoveling [not snow blowing] will be worth more than 10,000 words !!!! Plus, don't forget your elderly neighbors !!

Rob said...

I am avoiding going home to my long driveway, long walk way and private back steps....WORSE.. I have to buy a shovel on the way home to dig myself - IN.
But, picturesque doesn't even begin to describe it!!

Dan said...

This is an old pic -- 2003 I think -- and yesterday's snowfall doesn't measure up. Elderly neighbors? I AM the elderly neighbor....;-))

Dan said...

Rob -- I hope at least there's a hot cocoa, or maybe a hot toddy, at the end of the road... Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Your spoiled non-eldery neighbor had to do it the old fashioned way too...with a shovel and snow blower. Brake line went in the dump truck, spent 4 hours in the snow and cold yesterday fixing it. Got it done and tested the line only to have the other side go! ARRGHH! Didnt take as long as I expected it to. Even did Kens front and the neighbors next to Richard. Topped it of with a nice hot shower and late breakfast.

Dan said...

@ 12:21 -- Not to mention the County plowing everyone's drive in....