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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Plainfield gets state's second lowest extraordinary aid amount. Whazzup with that?

Plainfield's extraordinary aid from the state this year came in at the second lowest amount doled out, a mere $250,000 (see here). Only tiny Union Beach borough in Monmouth County (pop. 6,649) received less than Plainfield. (See the complete state list here.)

But it is even more shocking when compared to Perth Amboy, this year's big winner, which received $3.5 million in extraordinary aid (see here).

One must ask: What has happened?

Certainly Plainfield has needs as great as those outlined for Perth Amboy. And we also have a woman mayor, as does Perth Amboy. And we have
a powerful, long-serving Assemblyman in Jerry Green.

So, what gives?

Plainfield's extraordinary aid has consistently dropped since Robinson-Briggs took over as mayor in January 2006. The FY2007 (her first budget year) amount was $900,000. In FY2008 it was $800,000.

This year's $250,000 amount represents a more-than-300%-reduction from that amount.**

Is it because the Assemblyman no longer has the mojo to deliver the goods for Plainfield?

Or because of the shambles of the Robinson-Briggs administration's record (remember the million-dollar error in last year's budget; and the submission of this year's budget to the state without going through the proper procedures, including a Council resolution and the Clerk's signature)?

Either way, Plainfield taxpayers take the hit.

And Perth Amboy takes the haul.

**Sorry, you and I both know the math is flawed, but I just couldn't resist echoing Her Honor's claim of a 300% reduction in the murder rate.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Her incompetence has made a shambles of the city, and I am thinking that even the state knows that whatever money they send to Plainfield gets put into the mayor's food budget.


Anonymous said...

The real explanation for this is that Perth Amboy had their Assemblyman/Mayor indicted last year. Maybe we would get more if our Assemblyman was indicted. If only we could find something to get him on! HaHa!

Rob said...

Merry Christmas Plainfield from the 3rd most powerful member of the NJ State Assembly.....Jerry Green.
If this is the definition of being powerful and influential I guess we should be happy he isn't irrelevant or is it that Plainfield is in fact, irrelevant. Nothing like being taken for granted by the leading "Party of the People".

Anonymous said...

I take this as a sign that the City is improving compared to others on the list.

Rob said...

And lets be clear about something..If any of the "Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon" fan club members don't think they saw this coming months are all more daft than even I claim you are. Enjoy the ride...hopefully they will use some lube next time they give it to us!

Anonymous said...

Probably about the same thing as Whazzup with everything else these days. Just received my SS Benefit Amount in the mail for 2010. No increase because the Consumer Price Index shows there is no rise in the cost of living. I read elsewhere that municipal, county and state retirees were not getting increases because there was no cost of living increase and did not believe it but after seeing my notice today - I believe it now.

So about the only increase I see nowadays is increases in the City of Plainfield's employees salaries.