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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

School Board takes lead in cleaning up personnel issues

Plainfielders can hope we are beginning to pull the car out of the ditch with regard to personnel issues in the Plainfield school district.

Coming back from Christmas shopping yesterday, I discovered an emailed press release from the Board of Ed announcing a Policy Committee meeting on January 5 to 'review policies and procedures related to District human resources'.

Chaired by BOE member Christian Estevez, the aim is to review all current procedures in HR with an eye to ensuring they are being carried out 'at all levels'.

While attention has almost exclusively been focused on the trials and travails of
'Jane Doe 1' and 'Jane Doe 2', commenters on this blog and elsewhere have raised the issue of other employees filling slots for which they do not have certification.

As I suggested in my most recent post on the schools mess (see here), the flap over the handling of the
'Jane Doe 1' and 'Jane Doe 2' situation gives a perfect opening to the District to address other personnel certification issues that have been alleged.

A thorough review -- and corrective actions where necessary -- with a public report on findings and actions taken would go a long way to reassure the taxpayers (the 'public' in public education, in case anyone has forgotten), that the Board of Ed is not simply a rubber stamp for the Superintendent, but takes its responsibilities to the public seriously.

If there do turn out to be issues needing resolution, I hope that the Board of Ed will take up the necessary actions 'without fear or favor' with regard to stakeholders'
vying interests.

Satisfying the public that personnel matters are being handled in accordance with policies and procedures, and that all are treated fairly but that all must comply, should help the Board of Ed and Dr. Gallon get back to the REAL business of education, from which these last weeks have been a distraction.

That would be a good thing.

Along with drawing necessary lessons from this experience so as not to have to repeat it in the future.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Is Estevez the best person to "chair" this committee? After all, his wife received a position in the district when there were better qualified people for the position.

As for Jane Doe 1 & 2, please remember that those two women came from Florida, and they were chosen by Gallon. If we are to really "clean house" then we should be putting them in teachers' positions, since that is what they are certified (now) to do.

This, at least to me, seems like an ideal time to place blame on the previous HR person, who just so happens to no longer work in the district. Doesn't that seem almost TOO EASY?

I hope things will change after this meeting, but unless the board grows a backbone over the holidays, I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

They are going to review after they let the bus run into the ditch. After they rubber-stamped everything.

After they allowed people to be brought in from out of town????

Comon on Dan. You are sticking up for them and defending thier rubber stamping!

Give me a break! We need change!

Anonymous said...

The specious and unsubstantiated claims of 7:28 am about "better qualified people" for positions shows clearly that this individual is not interested in moving the district forward. The previous HR person was an opportunist who was planning her exit for a while and disingenuously left for so-called medical reasons. Had she stayed, she would have caught a lot of heat for the many individuals in the district who were not certified for their positions well before Gallon was even interviewed for the supt job. Cronyism was great as long as it served the interests of many in this "old guard." So many of them need to retire, as they have no vision for the district, just an interest in maintaining the old status quo. These are people who stubbornly refuse to become acquainted with 21st century technology and who are envious about the superior educational training and methodology Dr. Gallon and his generation are bringing to the district. It reminds me of the older generation's suspicion of Barack Obama as the young upstart. This meeting, to clarify district personnel qualifications, may result in some interesting revelations about longtime PPS employees, some of whom may also have to be switched around or who may have to resign. Remember, Gallon has been here for a year and a half. The dysfunction and improper titles began long before he was ever in the district. It's good for the BOE to address this early on, and for everyone to attend this meeting so that we can finally move forward. Unfortunately, though, the people who want more histrionics will not be satisfied. At that point, though, Dr. Gallon and the BOE should ignore them, because they will never be pleased.

Anonymous said...

"Histrionics?" I had to laugh when I read that word because it's obvious you have responded to other peoples posts in favor of Gallon.

Why didn't you take on the topic of Christian Estevez? I wasn't making this about the Floridians, I was simply talking about ALL staff.

As for Gallon's "superior education training and methodology," did he use that in his last failing district? Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan -- Tell Stevie and His 3 PIPs that the medical reason Dr. Bailey left was because she was sick of their arses. They should be careful what nonsense they spew because there is a paper trail from here to Miami.

Dr. Bailey is no more of an opportunist than they are as evidenced by their salaries that more than doubled while their experience were as an English Teacher, A Math Teacher and an Asst. Principal.

I can't wait for the revelation from this coming meeting.

I pray PRAY, PRAY!!! Dr. Bailey shows up and sits on the side that can tell the truth the whole truth and nothing BUT the TRUTH.

P.S. Disingenuous -- now isn't that original -- Stevie and the 3 PIPs

Anonymous said...

More like a shoplifter, a strangler and a straggler...

Anonymous said...